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Accreditation is the certification that the school and the student both play their role equally to achieve the best level of educational quality.

While there are many excellent online/campus schools, universities and colleges out there offering master degrees, one must keep in mind that there also are some schools offering masters degree programs that fall way below the mark. These schools offer master degrees which are not accredited and, therefore, in most cases, not recognized. Many of these schools also require inadequate master degree coursework or, in some cases, none at all. In the worst cases, these schools will sell you a worthless master’s degree immediately, no questions asked. One of the most important ways to find out if a school is legitimate and offering high-quality, recognized master degree programs is to check its pictureaccreditation. All reputable schools offering master degree programs should be accredited by one or more accrediting bodies. These accrediting bodies perform the task of ‘auditing’ schools and the master degree programs they offer to see if they meet certain standards. If so, then the school and the master degree courses offered is ‘accredited’ by that body. There are both regional and national accrediting agencies that list master degree programs. Some master degree programs (law, for example) are also accredited by a professional body in that field, in addition to regional and national accreditation.

The regional college accreditation is the most well-known status of college accreditation. Academic area of study gets focused from regional Accreditation University. In terms of transferring credit, academic credits easily transferred between accredited colleges. The people should be aware with the institution where he/she wants to transfer credit.

The US department of education has accepted some national accredited agencies. Career focused study and preparing a student with skill get prime acceptance by National accredited institution.

Apart from this, people should analyze the school how much progressive for the particular subject to meet industry standards rather than institution as a whole.

The purpose of the whole accreditation process is the improvement of education for youth by evaluating the degree to which a school has attained worthwhile outcomes set by its own staff and community.
Purpose of the Accreditation:
  • Greater clarity of purpose
  • Stronger internal relationships
  • Wider professional participation
  • More effective methods of planning for school improvement
  • Improved consistency between educational purpose and practice