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Admission Process
If you are planning to apply for Universities, you have to understand the admission process. Every school has its own requirements. There are many Universities that accept students with very low or no GRE Score to GRE above 1400. So, stop looking for general GRE Cutoff score and start learning how Universities accept students.

If you believe that all U.S. universities have an average GRE cutoff, you are wrong. Each school may or may not disclose the minimum GRE score required for admission. Same applies to Academic Percentage, GMAT Score. Universities have minimum TOEFL score required for admission. If you don’t have the minimum TOEFL score, you may get conditional admission.picture

If your Academic Percentage is less that 60% almost everyone believe that they cannot into good school. But, you have to compare yourself with top rank holder. If the top rank holder in the class has 65%, then your 60%is not Low Academic percentage. Above pattern applies to all the departments, programs and major.

Your GRE Score and academic records are the key parameters for the evaluation at almost all educational programs. However, there are other quantifying parameters that hold equal importance to get admission. One of this parameter is your Statement of Purpose (SOP). SOP should describe your personal skills like personality, interests, goals, motivation level, communication skills and dedication to study.

SOP is the crucial factor in the admission process which gives an opportunity to sell you to the admission committee. Your Statement of Purpose should be unique describing about you, your ambitions and your interests. Your Statement of Purpose will be evaluating your writing ability, substance, and skills of organizing and presenting thoughts.

Most of the college requires 2-3 recommendation letters. These are the reference letters given by your professors describing you as a student with all your personal abilities. Recommendation letter addresses your academic excellence, projects and achievements, research aptitude and interpersonal skills.
Your Recommendation letter should speak about your basic qualities like analytical and quantitative skills along with imagination, creativity, intellectual curiosity and ability to think “out of box” in your academic journey. It should also contain some of the good scores that you have got in the course taught by the recommended professor.

If you are research oriented, emphasis on your research aptitude, abilities and your write-ups submitted to any publication. This will be very helpful especially to get research assistantship. It should also address your interpersonal skills, ability to work in team and thoughtfulness. This will be helpful when you apply for teaching assistantship.